Concerned Catholics of Guam respond to archdiocese

Posted: May 10, 2016 4:38 PM

 The head of the Concerned Catholics of Guam reacts to a statement made by a representative from the archdiocese to media on Monday.  Father Edivaldo called a recent print ad paid for by the CCOG a disgraceful attack on Archbishop Anthony Sablan Apuron. Although the ad didn’t specify the accused, it listed the locations and years consistent with the archbishop when he was a priest.

CCOG president Gregory Perez said, “We wonder how many young boys and maybe even girls now that are altar servers who are being subjected to that kind of mistreatment or abuse, it’s really sad. And again it has to stop. How can seeking the truth be a malicious attack? So I disagree with those comments.”

The ad asked those who were molested over 40 years ago to speak up. According to the CCOG, there’s been more than one victim to come forward.

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